Read this on the underground this morning:
What is confusing about the credit crunch is that, if one of my cheques is returned stamped “insufficient funds”, I won’t know whether that refers to mine or the bank’s.


As the name suggests, its just a walkabout. One of the most awful pubs that I’ve been to in London. The staff are awful and rude, starting from the bouncer(who thinks of himself as a combination of James Bond + Hulk). Music isn’t much inspiring either. Reasonably priced drinks(and you get 25% off if you buy a £3 walkabout card). Overall its been quite disappointing, don’t think me and my mates would ever go there again.

Friday nights always had a special status in my mind. Its the time of the week when you can put your worries and troubles behind and look forward to cherishing all that the world can offer you in the next two days. Keeping this in mind I always made it a point to make my friday night’s memorable. But today it has been one of those days(in an year :-?) when you sit down and don’t do/think/plan anything. Just stayed home all evening doing the toughest thing that one can do.. Not doing anything at all.

Index up 6.7% portfolio up 16.68%.
Will the sensex hit +1000 today ?

Are traders trading or guessing ?

Been a long time since I came here.. In the meantime I’ve learned this new art of ‘accepting things just the way they come’. Call me incredibly lazy or disconnected .. but I’ve stopped trying to (over)analyze all the stuff that goes around. And this has let me to come up with a certain set of rules by which I’m accepted to play my part. (But I have to warn you that because of the inherent nature of these things the rule priority tends to change, and maybe the rule itself might be overwritten). Anyways, here we go ..

Rule 1: Life is not fair.

Note: No one likes a smart ass.

Rule 2: Don’t panic.

Note: Incase you think you are, stop thinking

Rule 3: Don’t analyze a lot.

Note: Please feel free to call this, ‘paralysis by analysis’

Rule 4: Don’t lose money.

Note: This rule has to be followed, only after Rule 1 and 2 are true.

To Be Continued ..

Yes.. Thts what it is.

On Feb 28th, I would be doing my longest (short) walk ever, a firewalk in aid of victim support. Basically the idea is simple, walk 20 feet over embers buring at 1236 degrees fahrenheit. (For an idea, paper combusts at 451 degrees and aluminium melts at 1100!).

Victim Support provides emotional support, information and practical help to victims and witnesses of crime and their families ( I believe its a very noble thing to do and this firewalk is to spread awareness and support them.

I hope you would support me in this(would be more than glad if you could join me for the walk 🙂 ).

You can see me live in action at Victim Support, Scotia House, 33 Finsbury Square, London EC2A 1PL on 28th Feb 2008 at 9pm.